All About Big Bertha

Slot machines were always one of the most popular casino games. Casino owners always tried to invent something new in order to make the game more attractive to the players. This is how they created the biggest slot machine, Big Bertha that used a 5-horsepower engine and was able to produce the biggest jackpot.

Classic slot machines had only 3 reels and could have up to 15 symbols on each reel. Big Bertha had 8 reels with over 160 symbols on the reels and huge payouts. No wonder it soon became very popular among players and all Las Vegas casinos strived to offer the game.

However, soon the Random Number Generator was created and Big Bertha became less popular as new machines required less money to produce and less space in casinos. Nevertheless, this machine is the first one responsible for invention of progressive jackpots. All modern Wheel of Fortune and other multi reel slots have evolved from Big Bertha.

21 June 2009 by
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