All About Quiz Machines

02 Sep 2010

Quiz machines are among the versions of video games and slots that originated in the UK. Now quiz machine is defined as a video quiz game that provides cash payout and is based on popular TV and game quizzes.

The first quiz machine was installed in British pub in 1985. The popularity of the first machines was so immense that a dozen of quiz machines manufacturers appeared during the 1980-1990s. The payouts also increased from year to year, starting from £10 max to £40 jackpots.

Today the quiz machines are not so popular as in the 1990s, the only event that revived the industry was the introduction of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire quiz machine in 2000. Some of the old machines are replaced with the huge multi-game terminals that offer lots of games to choose from.

SWP (Skill With Prizes) is another term for quiz machine. So, to hit the biggest prize the players must challenge their skills and knowledge. It is expected that every SWP provides a chance to hit a jackpot, however there is no any state regulation for skill games, which is why sometimes it is merely impossible to reach the maximum win. Still, the quiz machines are legally allowed in any places and for players of all ages.

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