Casino Cheats On Rise

It is not surprising that at times of economic crisis the number of arrests at casinos is on rise. Today the police agents of Las Vegas, Nevada, are busy as never before. This year the number of arrests for cheating at local casinos increased to 400 from 300 in 2008.

More and more criminals cheat at table games, however slot machines that are considered to be almost impossible to cheat were also attacked by tricksters. Here are some examples of shameless acts recently reported by the local police.

In July Gaming Control Board arrested a man for using a glitch allowing to manipulate the slot machine so that it paid out 10 times more than the actual winning. Thus the man robbed several casinos and pocketed about $10,000. This month a man was pleaded guilty for embezzling money of a slot machine company that installed slot machines at the local novelty stores, gas stations and drug stores. Or, for example, recently a group of men pretending to be high-rollers persuaded the technician of the racetracks to tinker with the slots machines.

The number of cheatings at card games is even bigger. Some of the crimes are committed by the casino employees and supervisors. The only explanation of the regular crimes is bad economy that forces more and more people steal. The situation is aggravated by the casino workforce cutbacks. Moreover, the casino dealers and other employees receive fewer tips than before crisis and this makes them cheat.

Cheats at slot machines are very difficult to spot as all the methods used by criminals may not attract attention of casino pit bosses or the owners of establishments that buy slots. So, in case slot cheat was successful at one casino it may be successful at another place. Unfortunately, the casinos do not wish to spread the information about any cheating scams that is why it is almost impossible to better the situation.

However, most large casinos fight against crimes by using the special systems monitoring the cash flows and paybacks of slot machines. Thus any strange things can be easily revealed and the machines blocked. In addition, all slot machines are regularly checked and fixed if needed.

22 Oct 2009 by
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