Innovative Filters to Protect Slot Machines

6 Dec 2010

Most slot machine players and fans do not know how the inner part of the machine looks like. Well, the matter is not even in various mechanical devices inside which had been developed according to slots history but in a state of those devices. Most of slot machines are located in smoky premises without any cleaning except of the outside part. Thus, after taking apart you can see all slots 'organs' powdered with dust which put the gaming process and slots details at real hazard. All of dirt, dust and smoke that constantly surround slot machine get sucked up in them and shorten the machine's existence.

It seems to us that slots developers are close to the solution of this problem mentioned above. The innovative electrostatic filter of high air flow is aimed to keep out all damaging stuff from the outside. Slot machines manufacturers are really concerned on this issue since the extending of slot machine life will facilitate the longer use of it and, of cause, bring more money.

Now the discussions are conducted only concerning the improvement of new filters. Via these microconstructed things a surface area will be increased and filters will not only cover greater surface of the slots, but filter much more contaminants out of games.

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