One Cent Slot Machines Basics

31 Jan 2011

Not so long ago slot machines were extremely popular among many gamblers. The one cent slots history goes back to 1940's. The main reason for the one cent slot machines introduction at that time was to allow more people to play slot machines because with a low cost. Consequently many people started being involved in slots gaming. Moreover, many casinos which had one cent slot machines managed to make a good profit.

Many casinos that offered one cent slot reported that one such machine enabled them to generate more profit than that of other slots they had. Today there are a lot of online one cent slots that enable players to play practically free of charge. In some cases there is a required entry fee which is approximately 5 dollars. The kind of slots can`t make you very rich as their payouts are not so high. Just for the sake of having some practice they are worth trying.

One Cent Slots Variations

Of course there are many one slots variations. The most popular one cent slot machine is Mega Moolah which is a progressive slot machine that requires one penny for one spin. One more variant of one cent slot is famous due to the television show Deal or No Deal that was the basis for the slots introduction. This is the kind of the one cent slots that made a real boom. First of all, it was the show that doubled the slots popularity and one penny cost for a spin couldn`t leave players indifferent. Currently one cent slots are available for players but mostly in online casinos. So, if you have a burning desire to try your luck at one cent slot for a symbolic amount of money, you may visit online casinos that offer such slot machines. One cent slot machines may be quite enjoyable. But take into account possible hidden costs and specific game rules!

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