Slot Machine Etiquette

When you visit land casino you are to follow etiquette rules no matter what game you play. We offer you to familiarize with the basic etiquette rules that are obligatory at slot machines. So, in order to be polite and enjoy slot game you must remember:

One machine during busy times: avoid playing several slot machines during busy times when there are many players also wishing to gamble. The same at the casinos that do not have special slots rooms or just feature small number of slot machines. It would be not very nice if there is a queue because you occupy several slots. Moreover, never play more than one slot machine if you can't watch several machines.

Coin cup on the seat: if you leave slot machine for some time (to have a drink, dinner, get change or run to the bathroom) and want to come back to the same slot machine, put your coin cup on the seat. Thus the other players will understand that slot machine is occupied. In the casinos with coinless slot machines the players are allowed to put jacket or any other personal object on the seat instead of coin cup or ask the casino employee to watch the machine. You also must respect the other players who have "marked" the slots.

Slot machine cards: at some of the land casinos the players use special slots cards instead of coins. If someone has forgotten his casino card in the machine, do not use it, just put it on the top of slot machine and use yours. The player will come back and easily find his card.

Tipping the staff: tipping at casino as a rule is not obligatory. But you are recommended to tip the casino employees to thank for their work. Do not forget about the waiters who serve you drinks. In case you win jackpot you are to tip the casino attendant. Usually 2-3% of the win is quite enough, however you can tip more if you feel the desire.

Smoking at casino: at most land casinos the players are not allowed to smoke in the slot machine rooms. There are special places for smokers. If you visit the casino in which there is no ban on smoking, remember that there may be non-smokers or allergic people.

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