Slot Machines Addiction

22 Nov 2010

People that suffer from gambling addiction partially should be regarded as mentally diseased and provided with corresponding treatment. Any kind of addiction implies inability of a person to make resistance. Taking into consideration gambling in such aspect, it can turn into dangerous activity that makes people to do everything for one more game.

This article describes a recent incident that took place in Wonford, Exeter. One of the local residents, Hazel Gibbons that worked at care home and was responsible for several elderlies, took their money for her needs, to be more precisely - to fund the gambling. Her friends and family confirmed Hazel has been doing it for many years since she divorced her husband.Since that time progressives slot machines becomes her only entertainment.

Gibbons confessed to her family that she was out of money and used the funds of care home residents given her for managing. She constantly spent money of old people on playing slots. Her family encouraged the woman to confess what she has done and take punishment. Gibbons used to be a care home employee for 7 years and nobody among her colleagues and persons in her care could believe in that.

Five people were found to be in terrible financial situation after ripping by Hazel Gibbons. She has confessed to the police and named a reason of her behavior as slot machine gambling addiction. Now the woman is facing a prison sentence. She took £ 8.000 from old people who hoped for her help.

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