Chicken Strategy - Winning At Slots

In the article we are going to explain slots strategy concerning slots time frames.

Playing according Chicken strategy the player changes slot machines one by one
Playing according Chicken strategy player
changes slots one by one

You have probably noticed, that most slots strategies deal only with the amount of money you bet and the machine you choose to play. This strategy called a Chicken Strategy deals with the amount of time spent at one slot machine. This weird name of the strategy comes from the fact that a player runs from one machine to another behaving like a chicken.

The first step in this as in any other strategy involves deciding on a bankroll for the game. The bankroll then shall be split into several parts, each of them being for a different slot machine. Using chicken strategy allows combining it with any other slot strategy.

Playing according to Chicken strategy involves changing slot machines one by one. Some players make notes not to sit at the same machine twice. The main thing you have to remember about this strategy is that no matter whether you win or lose, once you spend the bankroll on that machine - you move to the next one.

As soon as the number of plays on slot machines is finished, the player may either leave the casino or go on playing for the winnings.

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