Special Tips For Slots

Avoid playing slots online while you are in the office - your boss will think he is paying you too much!

If you have a silver dollar yo-yo, do not think it is the best way to win at slot machines.

Trying to play with your car wash tokens will not work, as they just do not fit!

Bored playing - ask for the drinks! Might as well drink all your money back!

Keep the cups only if you have won lots of coins. Otherwise - leave them, as they will remind you of your loss.

Stacking your slots cups on top of the machine is not a good idea.

Watch the old lady that is lurking around the casino slots while waiting for a guy like you to lose all the quarters and walk away when she will take your hot machine!

Forget about telling your wife about the credit card charges (for online slots sure). She will consider that now she can play as well!

20 Aug 2009 by SlotsDoc.com
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