Greatest Slots Cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Slot games are almost impossible to cheat, however, in 2003 Las Vegas Nevada Gaming Commission added Tommy Glen Carmichael to the famous "Black Book" of excluded players as one of the greatest slots cheaters. Today Tommy Glen Carmichael is legendary slots player and cheater in the history of gambling.

Carmichael started his career in 1980 in the age of 30. He used "top-bottom joint" device to make impressive payouts at Las Vegas slot machines. That was a special metal device which produced payouts when being inserted into the machine coin release. "Top-bottom joint" was the most popular method used by the cheaters. Carmichael's first campaign failed as big casinos started replacing old slots and video poker machines with the new ones which were harder to cheat as they used random number generator software. That is why Carmichael had to move to the smaller gambling halls where he was soon arrested.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael didn't stop thinking over the slots cheating methods even in jail. He invented the so-called "monkey paw" device that could trip a switch and make it pay out. And again this plan failed as the casino owners took measure in response to new invention. Carmichael didn't give up and used a tongue shaped device with the help of which he could add extra credits to the slot machines and easily cash them out.

In 1996 Carmichael was arrested in one of the casinos and accused of production and possession of cheating devices. This charge was eventually dropped and Carmichael got another chance to proceed his campaign. In two years, in 1998, he was caught in Laughlin, Nevada, and in 1999 arrested in Atlantic City. The FBI investigated that case and even recorded telephone conversations between Carmichael and other players to disclose cheaters. Finally Tommy Glenn Carmichael was sentenced to time-served and probation in 2001. Now he is considered to be a "persona non grata" in all the casinos. Today Carmichael is known also as the producer of anti-cheating devices.

The TV series Breaking Vegas tells the story of the famous cheater Tommy Glenn Carmichael. The show contains the interviews with Carmichael and many details of his cheating slots "career".

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