Top 10 Christmas Games

Stuck at computer on Christmas Eve or just want to feel the festive spirit of winter holidays? The cool way to spend the night is playing funny flash games all about Christmas and New Year. Get into a small Christmas adventure with flying Santas, lots of presents, Christmas trees, reindeers and other winter things.

1. Drop a Xmas gift

Help Santa Clause to deliver all Christmas presents to houses all over the world. Escape multiple obstacles on the way and drop all the gifts directly into the chimneys! Try to do Santa's job by yourself and share this game with your friends.

2. Winter Fun slots

Try playing Christmas slots for free and win money prizes. Here you will find much associated with Christmas and New Year - lots of Christmas bells, candles, presents, angels, Christmas stockings, dishes, decorations, snowmen, candy canes, and Santa's hats. Festive winter holidays on the slot reels!

3. Santa's Quiz

Funny flash Christmas quiz! You must think logically, answer the questions correctly, make the right choice and play flash games. Fail to solve the task? Ok, start all over again and try not to make mistakes!

4. Arctic Antics

Everyone is invited to the penguins' pool party in the North Pole! Help all the animals to get into the pool safely. Move the trampoline, catch and bounce the animals as they fall. Make sure that everyone lands in the pool. Watch out for that diving board - it's very slippery!

5. Merry Christmas Game

Congratulate people from all over the world with Christmas! Help Santa to convey as many wishes to Germans, Russians, Italians, Americans, Chinese, Swedes, and Canadians as possible. Just move the trampoline and don't let Santa get into the ice too fast!

6. Deep Freeze

Christmas may not happen if you won't help Santa! Your task is to use a special water gun, freeze all the enemies on the way and stop those bad guys who try to ruin Christmas holiday.

7. Snow Line!

Santa's presents were scattered throughout Europe by reindeer and now he needs your help to collect all of them and deliver in time for Christmas celebrations. Draw the snow lines to guide Santa on sledge to the presents. Each level of the game is more difficult than the previous one, but you will surely help Santa to recover.

8. Christmas Tree Light Up

Connect all the wires and lights of the tree garland to light up the Christmas tree. The game is very simple to play - use mouse buttons to move the connectors and bulbs to link them with the electrical source. All you need is just some logic.

9. Snowman Skiing

The player's task in this flash game is to complete a showman by collecting the branches, pine cones, and carrots on the way during downhill skiing. Control the direction of the snowman in order not to crash into the trees.

10. Ice Slide

Choose one of the characters - seal, penguin or walrus - and slide him on the ice as far as possible. To succeed in the game try to overcome all the ice obstacles and make the speed of launching as fast you can.

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