War Veterans' Organizations Fight for Slot Machines

24 Jan 2011

War veterans` organizations try to lobby a legislation that will allow them to operate slots with a view to do the offsetting at posts within the state. This push is not new as during many years lawmakers try to pass legislation according to which The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars or the groups of the kind could be allowed to operate slot machines in order to make some additional profit and use it for a social purpose. Today slot games operation by similar non-profit organizations is allowed only in 8 counties that are on the Eastern Shore. So, veterans' groups and non-profit organizations from the rest of the state, that are not allowed to operate slots, ask for parity in this case.

The money which could be generated from slot machines is needed in order to compensate the reduction of membership fees and general fundraising. In case of passing the legislation, The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars could be allowed to operate more than 5 slots at each post. As a result, the groups would be able to pay fifty dollars of annual fee for every single slot machine to their relevant county and also could do the donation of approximately half of the earnings to charity.

The bill with the same content failed during the previous session in the House Ways and Means Committee. Those who support this bill still hope that the next session could be much more successful.

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