Best Slots Books

Break the One-Armed Bandits

Frank Scoblete

One of the best gambling authors now has published a book on slots. You can learn about which machines are for and which are against the players and how to tell one machine from another. A wonderful guide for all players.

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Powerful Profits From Slots

Victor Royer  

A wonderful guide to slots systems, strategies and methods, a great collection of recommendations and advice on the game of slots for beginners and those who want to do more research about the game.

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Slot Machine Strategy: Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot

MacIntyre Symms

Featuring tips from a professional gambler on how to make everyone a successful player. Contains lots of tips on choosing the correct machine, on when to leave a machine and when you can win the jackpot. In addition, you can learn lots of tips and a history of the game of slots.

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Beat the Slots!

Marten Jensen

An easy to read book with secrets for winning jackpots, beating slots, choosing a game and joining slots clubs. A quick and easy guide on slot games.

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John Patrick On Slots

John Patrick

A comprehensive guide to playing and winning slots and advice on managing your money. One of the most popular books on slots that will teach you what to look for when playing the game and how to make it simple and pay for you.

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Secrets of Winning Slots

Avery Cardoza

One of the most complete slots guides available with over 20 different gaming strategies for all variants of slot games. Also, you will learn a lot about the myths, odds, money management, history of the game and slots clubs. This is truly one of the most comprehensive and effective books on slots.

What you cannot find in these books is a list of recommendations on how to choose online casinos, like the one we provide here

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