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    Big Vegas Online Slot is one of the most recent developments by Bally technologies. This is one of the many options available for casino lovers and has unique features that players can enjoy. However, the Big Vegas online slot game is not yet available in mobile version and can only be accessed through the web version.

    Symbols used in the game

    Big Vegas online slot borrow icons from Las Vegas which is popular for the many casinos it has. Symbols in the slot machine are used to help the player boost his winnings during the duration of the game. Some of the symbols used include cocktails, huge loads of cash, playing cards and chips. Symbols in Big Vegas online are the bonus icons in the game.

    Bonus rounds 

    Directional wilds is one of the bonus options on the slot machine. The bonus game feature is activated when the directional wild symbol lands on the second reels, on the fourth reels or both in some instances. As a result, all the bonus features in the slot game are unlocked which are indicated by a green arrow.

     If the symbol appears on the reels, players are rewarded with a bonus game and extra spins. If the directional icon or the green arrow appears above or at the bottom of the screen, wild symbols in the game will not be generated.

    Reels, paylines and free spins

    Big Vegas online slot machine has 5 reels and a total of 40 paylines on the machine. To be able to play at the reels, a player needs to place a wager of at least 10 dollars for each payline on the higher side. On the other hand, the minimum wagering amount is 1 cent. Free spins are given as bonuses to help payers increase their chances of winning. Payouts are made when purple and wild icons appear on the screen.



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