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    If you are a fan of PC games, the chances are that you enjoyed at least one fighting title. It can be a classic battle between two fighters, and even a war between kingdoms. You can play a portion of those releases online, but it seemed like one piece of the puzzle was missing. The puzzle was complete once the battle slots appeared.

    Today, you have a vast choice of battle-themed games that you can play in an online casino. Let’s take a look at how to find software whose symbols bring the biggest prizes.

    Approach #1: Analyze Money-Winning Features

    Experienced players always focus on features that can earn them money first, and there is no reason why it would be different from battle slots. Here is what you should consider when deciding on what games to play:

    • The number of reels – if you prefer to keep things simple, go with three reels. More complex slot machines offer five or more reels.
    • Pay lines – they directly show you the number of potentially winning combinations on the screen. They can vary and affect the minimum wager you have to place per spin.
    • Bonus rounds – pay attention to special game symbols as they can generate extra spins and other tempting prizes.

    If you do not plan on investing real money, but still want to keep the excitement at the highest level, all the above rules still apply. The only difference is that you will use them to choose battle-themed free slot machines. They give you the free play alternative that you can utilize whenever you want to relax and enjoy your favorite software.

    Approach #2: Consider Themes and Graphics

    Since you are reading about a particular type of slot games, we assume that it is important to you that the software you play involves combat in some way. Fortunately, many premium developers out there are thinking of you, which is why they designed games that qualify as battle slots.

    The themes and symbols largely vary, but the best thing about that is that you will never get bored thanks to the vast selection of available games that you can play around the clock.

    Your first option is to choose a realistic battle slot. We are talking about real characters and settings, which will in most cases be historical. For example, if you ever wanted to see what it was like to fight in ancient Rome, you now need to go online and pick a game placed in that timeline. Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, and the time of Japanese samurai warriors are only some examples of these games you may encounter. Each of those has specific symbols that are realistic and feature a detailed animation.

    What Is the Best Approach?

    Only you can answer that question, but you cannot go wrong with battle slots. Try to analyze all details starting from the available symbols and graphics to potential prizes. If you notice a slot that fits all your criteria, you found the ideal option to play online!



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