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    DC-comics slots are the newest craze in the casino world. Creating comics books started as another avenue to entertain avid readers and movie lovers. Our favorite superheroes or our kids’ heroes have been around for a substantial amount of time. We can confidently say that reading and watching the cinemas based on these ones was just not enough. The need to connect with these people at a more intimate level led software providers to recreate these comics into virtual online games.

    DC is one of the providers of products based on comic titles. Having realized this need or gap in the market, DC along with software providers for platforms provided all these for gaming enthusiasts. The two main categories are developed from popular free DC comics.

    Popular free games are offered

    Several options are offered by free DC-comics slots. Players have a whole list of options to choose from. However, as with any other online games, there is always a favorite star. Dark Knight Rises has gained popularity over the years and has won the love of many gamblers. Working with Micro-gaming software providers, DC created a video from an all-time favorite movie- Batman. The leading people in the movie are the main symbols for the variation. They are Bane and Batman. Players are given the chance to work hand in hand with the hero and save a city. The setting replicates the near-real experience. Gamblers are emerged into a dark setting just as in the theatres or the comic magazine. The setting represents the somber environment of Gotham City.

    Green Lantern Slot is another free popular video provided by DC in their online site from movies. Comic screens lovers may find this strangely new. This is explained by the fact that Green Lantern Slot has not been produced for the theatres yet. Regardless of this, gamblers are assured of nothing but an entertaining and rewarding experience every time they try their luck at this free offered by DC. Some of the features of include 2-dimensional graphics as well as complex on-play characteristics.

    There is more on DC-Comics themed free slot machines…

    We have mentioned some of the most popular free slot games on DC. Other online themed movies categories include:

    • X-Men- all-time favorite for many people in the world
    • Daredevil
    • Wonder woman
    • Superman

    In conclusion

    DC-Comics slots are a thrill for players who want to enjoy comics out of a theatre or reading a comic magazine. It is worth mentioning that the free movie video slots and games were initially offered in land-based casinos. They eventually moved into the online world and gambling enthusiasts can now enjoy the thrill at their convenience. To make sure you enjoy every session, these sites offer high quality graphics, excellent sound technology and near-real images that give you goosebumps every time. The categories are free, a good option for beginners. Experts, however, can place real money and try their luck at the reels.



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