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    Did you grow up reading the stories of pirates and watching pirate themed cartoons and movies? If you did and you are also a fan of classic slot games, these pirate-themed slots will surely be right up your alley. Different slot developers have created slots with pirates in their main roles over the years, and today there are dozens of pirates slots available at online casinos.

    If you know what pirates are all about, you probably have certain expectations from these slots and you will not be disappointed. With one eyed captains as the main heroes, these online casino games will send you on the same kind of journey that you had a chance to witness in dozens of pirate inspired tales and stories over the years.

    Whether you prefer to play classic slots or modern video slots with lots of gameplay features, there is a pirates slot out there for you. Practically any online casino out there will give you a chance to play at least a few pirate slots with some of the most popular slots out there falling into the category of pirates slots.

    Explore the Seven Seas

    Like any good pirate themed story, each pirates slot game takes its players on an amazing journey around the world’s seas. These games include symbols such as one eyed pirates with hooks for hands and skeleton skulls pictured on their bandanas.

    Like any good pirates, these bad guys are on a mission to plunder all the treasure they can get their hands on, so expect to see a lot of golden chests filled with jewels as well as lots of obstacles in your journeys. The meanest of all are the ghost pirates, who often appear in pirate themed slot game as they travel the seas on abandoned ships and put the fear into the bones of any travellers they encounter.

    Amazing adventures await you as you play classic pirate slot game and join the effort to unearth and plunder the treasures of all unsuspecting innocents. Grab a bottle of rum, make sure your parrot is on board and set sail into the unknown in search of wealth and glory.

    Join the Pirates for Free

    Playing slots for real money can be fun but also risky business. On the other hand, you can join the next pirate quest for free as well by signing up with an online casino and playing pirate games in practice mode. Simply create your account, sign into the site and play any slot of your choice without risking a cent.

    You can take your pirate quest with you as you go about your daily business as mobile slot games allow you to play just about anywhere and anytime. Use your mobile phone or tablet to access the casino and enjoy all the classic slots with pirates as their heroes and villains.



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