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If you love playing in casinos, and find yourself planning a trip to any famous and renowned city such as Luxembourg or Las Vegas, you might consider revising the numbers before starting to choose your wardrobe and fill in the suitcase. The accelerated growth from online casinos, and the wide variety of offers and promotions they're prepared to give away, are reachable from the comfort of your own living room. But let's talk numbers.

Costs of travelling to a casino city

According to travel websites, €200 is the average price for spending a day in Las Vegas. That is, of course, until you hit the Jackpot! The average cost of feeding you for one day is €60. The average price of a decent hotel for a couple is €250 (you are not considering leaving your wife or husband behind, are you?). So, if you want to make more significant estimates for day or weeks, the next list is more accurate.

  • One Week Per person. €1,800.
  • 14 days Per person. €3,200.
  • Seven days For a couple. €3,400.

The previous numbers are estimates based on reports by many visitors. But, why pay this much if you all you want to afford yourself is with the pleasure of slots and classic or modern table games? What does the alternate option look like?

Online Casino Providers and their success history

The web-based casino games made by specialized developers are set to deliver a similar experience to the one you may get at the Bellagio, or the Casino 2000 at Mondorf-les-Bains. Of course, having these luxury places running is not cheap, and all of those fancy uniforms, superb gardens, and crystal glasses are coming right out of your pocket. Online casino Software is here to cut these expensive charges and offer better earnings, as simple as that.

These developers knew that those "free drinks" you're getting just for sitting there are not gifts. They expect you to cover expenses, and so the games are always set to see that happen. You will never see things such as free slots on a brick and mortar casino, you can't play the roulette without actually betting real money, so there's no room for mistakes of any kind.

On top of this, you'll be struggling in many cases to take a good seat at a table game you've been looking forward to play, particularly at peak hours, and when you get it, you're likely to feel the pressure to move fast, because other people are eager to see the outcome or take your seat. They could even get mad at you if you ask for a card that endangers their chances to win.

Let's say you're playing blackjack, and you're dealt with a 15, while the dealer has an 8. You don't remember what the Perfect Blackjack Strategy recommends, and there are five other players waiting on you to choose between being dealt another card, or just stay. You'll probably end up rushing your decision and perhaps make a mistake.

If you were playing online, you'll have all the time you need to consult with your Perfect Blackjack Strategy guide that recommends you ask for an extra card when under those conditions. You might even have the paper printed on your hand, without raising any eyebrows at the casino floor. This is but one of the many advantages that video games developers are taking into account to become leaders in the industry.

Online Slots: Why have they taken the industry?

Everybody knows video slots are programmed to give away prizes every once in a while, through a Random Number Generator that ensures that every spin is different and independent form each other. This applies to both brick and mortar and online games.

But, in terms of production and maintenance budgets, the physical game is way more expensive than the online version for a casino operator. Just think about actually building, testing, wrapping, transporting, installing, maintaining, coin filling, and cleaning video slots and their cases in the real world.

Plus, hiring developers for the system and renting a space for people to sit on it: a nice place with bathrooms, waiters, dealers, valets, security personnel, parking lots, emergency services, musicians, food, and many other expenses.

That's why Online Casino Software is now on top of the game. They take all of those extra costs, and give them all to the gamblers. Usually, land based casinos slots will have a Return To Player percentage –RTP– of 70% or 75% up. Online casino modern and classic Slots offer an RTP of 90% to 99.2%. The difference is astonishing.

A more dynamic approach by developers and providers

Let's say an ancient ruin is found near Stonehenge, but is far more advanced in technology and resembles the Egyptian pyramids. That would be a huge discovery and attract the attention of the whole world. Everybody would be talking about it. Well, it's likely that you'll see some video slot games released in a few weeks, and perhaps months or a year before you see it o n a brick and mortar casino. Providers would jump on it.

This is possible because Online Casino Software works faster to implement new solutions, and it connects with the trending topics in much less time. They have been able to connect to new demographics, adding women and older age groups to the universe of slot users.

In conclusion: traveling to play slots might seem updated and costly, especially with so many other options on the table. Online Video slots are programmed by providers to generate more income for players, although logically they're a set for a profit for the casino operator, presenting higher RTPs when compared to land-based casinos. And, Online slots are here to stay, because they overcome their real versions in pay-outs, variety, availability, practicality, and security.

Looks like difficult times for Las Vegas, and a good time for online video slots software providers and developers!



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