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    As a gambler, you have one aim on Blackjack, to get more points than your dealer and not to exceed 21 points so whatever cards you hold must comply with those rules.

    • You place your bet according to what you see fit.
    • You cards are dealt where you and your dealer each receive two cards
    • Cards are from number 2 to 10 and face cards are always equivalent to 10 except for aces that can either be 1 or 11.

    Depending on the kind of cards you have and their value, you can decide to hit, stand, split or double down. To hit means to draw more cards from the deck in order to increase your points. To stand is when you choose not to continue with the game and to split means playing Blackjack with two hands. All these moves require a concise move to make sure you increase your winning chance otherwise the dealer can easily defeat you and take all your money. Practice is what will make you a pro.

    Over 21 points of Blackjack will make you get a bust while fewer points that the dealer automatically is a loss.

    Tips to Win Big on Blackjack

    Despite the fact that it is totally luck to win or lose blackjack, preparation may increase your expertise and make you win big always. Practice free games on online casinos before you play for real money. That is the best way to ensure you don’t make mistakes. Always split 8s and don’t split tens. Stand on points 17 but hit if you have 11 always. Always make a move based on your point’s value so that you stand at the winning side always.

    The History of Blackjack

    The game appears to be sparkling and modern on online casinos but the truth is that it was invented long time ago in 1700. It was played in offline casinos where players and dealers would check in and start playing. Cards were dealt on real time and real tables but biasness and cheating was common making people to real lose a lot of money. French is the place where Blackjack was tamed and modernized and now it is played worldwide on online casino sites as well as in offline casinos.

    Like any other type of card game, blackjack is made with various variations to make sure players choose what they would like to enjoy. It is a nice game with plenty of rewards and bonuses and if you play exceptionally, you can always expect to reap big from the online casinos. Take your time, read tips from experts and practice free games so that you become familiar withal required rules and tips. You will be able to make the best winnings always. Always know the casino terms and conditions if you want to have a smooth game play especially if you play live games.



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