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    Basically, a wheel has 37 number slots which are marked from 0 to 36. The number slots could vary but the rules remain the same. Players place their bets on the roulette wheel. A small ball is placed on the wheel and the wheel starts to spin. Once it stops, the person whose number has been sit on by the ball wins. There are, any types of bets you can keep on an online wheel including the specific number (straight up bet), on two numbers (split bet), on four numbers (corner bet), on 12 consecutive numbers (dozens bet), on red or black, on number columns and many other types.

    A Brief History of Roulette

    This game has many origins but France is known to be the place where it begun in 1655. Back then, there was no modern technology so players used to play a physical spinning wheel popularly known as the French wheel. It was biased and many people manipulated the outcomes when they could so that the outcomes favor them. After France, Dominican people also started playing it on Tibetian tables. Now the game has been turned into a modern enchanting roulette that offer an intuitive performance for players to always enjoy.

    Some Tips to Make You Win Big

    Although winning is a matter of pure luck, it is important to note that you need to tricks. The first tip is to make sure you practice a lot for you to familiarize yourself with Roulette rules so that you play nicely at all times. Luck for you, there are plenty of free Roulette games that you can play and master rules before you play for real money. Practice on American, French and European wheel for you to become a complete pro. Always play nicely and you will be able to win big always.

    Choose a genuine casino that offers Roulette in the nicest way possible. A casino should not be biased and you should have a smooth and perfect functioning platform that will enable you to wager without any problem. It is wonderful to make sure you don’t make any kind of mistake because your mistake the advantage of the casino and you can really lose a lot of money.

    Keep in Mind that knowing the rules and how the game is played is not enough, you need to make sure you play nicely and practice roulette if you want to become a pro. People play online roulette because it is fun and you are entitled to plenty of bonuses that increase your profits to the top level possible. To enjoy excellent game play, make sure you play for real money where you can even win multimillion dollar jackpot and transform your financial status into being a rich person. Always choose a perfect casino where you can play on and you will have a perfect experience.



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